Salt Lake City Police Released Hail of Bullets Murdering Bernardo Palacios Carbajal

Bernardo Palacios Carbajal was murdered by the SLCPD officers on May 23, 2020, while he was running AWAY from them! He was terrified for his life, and the bodycam footage shows that very clearly. His LAST words where “OFFICER, I DONT WANNA DIE!” seconds later SLCPD officers began shooting him in the back and continued to shoot him after he fell on his back on the ground. They UNLOADED 30+ SHOTS INTO HIS BACK, CHEST, ARMS, AND TORSO!

Bodycam footage also shows that after officers stopped doing CPR on Bernardo and declared he no longer had a heartbeat his fingers are shown in the video still fully intact. SO TELL ME WHY HIS MOTHER HAD TO BURY HIM IN GLOVES BECAUSE ALL HIS FINGERS HAD BEEN SHOT! HIS FINGERS WERE PARTIALLY DISCONNECTED FROM HIS BODY AND SOME WERE EVEN SHOT COMPLETELY OFF! This means that officers shot his fingers off AFTER he was dead. This is called desecration of a body and it is a FELONY OFFENSE! 

Bernando Palacios was 22! HE HAD A FAMILY! HE WAS THE BABY BROTHER! HE WAS LOVED BY HIS MOTHER, BROTHER, SISTER, NIECES, AND NEPHEWS! HIS FAMILY FRIENDS AND HIS COMMUNITY ARE HEARTBROKEN BY WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM. HIS LIFE MATTERS! He had so many dreams that he wanted to accomplish. He was planning on traveling the world with his friends this summer. He made music and was an artist; he would draw on everything and his entire room is covered in pieces of artwork by him. He used to teach his nieces and nephews how to draw. He worked with his brother and lived with his mother. His entire family was EXTREMELY CLOSE. There were no secrets between them. He was a kind, caring, intelligent, and ADORED person.
We demand justice for him!!!


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