Community Vigil & Clean-up Justice for Bernardo

Today our community came together to clean up Bernardo Palacios-Carbajals’ vigil, located at 900 S and 300 W, and his mural, located at 800 S and 300 W. Despite the cold rainy weather over a hundred people attended, bringing fresh flowers and candles. Some of the community members even planted flowers near his mural so that it will always be beautiful. While we were at the vigil, we also plastered posters all over the nearest traffic post, to help get everyones attention and bring more awareness to this cause and get JUSTICE FOR BERNARDO!!!

I would also just want to thank everyone who came, we really are the best and strongest community I’ve ever seen. The vigil and mural clean up wasn’t huge, there was only about a hundred people there but we all really appreciate every single show of support. Not to mention every single organization that comes out for every Justice for Bernardo protest. So shout out to @covid19mutualaidslc and @rosepark_brownberets thank you guys so much, the support is so clear and your guys belief that we will get justice is unwavering.


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  1. I wanted to show support, ik as an African American this is getting a little disheartening to keep doing these things, but if we’re getting heard as a people so be it. This was really disgusting and shows cowardice, mental slowness on the part of the murderers, I’m going to call them what they are.
    People are getting tired.

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