A Letter to Mayor Mendenhall

19 August 2020

Erin J. Mendenhall

Salt Lake City Mayor

451 S State St #306

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Dear Mayor Mendenhall,

While Salt Lake City mourns the brutal murder of George Floyd with the rest of the United States, it also collectively mourns the murders of several Utah residents by Salt Lake City police including Joey Tucker (30), Allen Nelson (44), Dillon Taylor (20), James Barker (42), Patrick Harmon (50), Cody Belgard (30), and the most recent murder: Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal (22). Unfortunately, most of these heinous killings were ignored or ruled justified by Salt Lake City and County officials. This is unacceptable.

We, the people of Salt Lake City, remind you that you obtained your position as mayor with our vote and you receive your salary with our tax dollars. We do not take this lightly. It is with high expectations that we remind you that you work for us; we do not work for you.

On the official Salt Lake City Government website there is a video of an interview you received and in it you state:

“Relationships are at the key of [my work]… I feel really at home doing this work for the city that I love and for the people I want to serve…

I really invite our residents to be a part of this with me. Be a community member by participating in the city that we’re about to build together. What we’re about to begin is an ambitious undertaking of making Salt Lake City better for every resident here, and in order for us to fulfill that we need to hear from the community that we’re building for. I want to hear from you!.. Participate! Send me an email! Talk to us about what that means to you- what kind of barriers there have been for you accessing city services, making your neighborhood a better place. The answers really lie in the community that we serve and in order for us to build that greater Salt Lake City we’ve gotta have your voice a part of it.”

Participation by Salt Lake City residents is at an all time high. We vote, we write emails and letters, we call your office, we even contact you via social media. We demand that you, given your position as city mayor, take the necessary steps to give justice to residents killed by the officers of the city you represent as well as give justice to their families.

The community is actively participating in the work of improving Salt Lake City and it provides you with the answers you claimed to seek. However, our voice only contributes to the work as much as you listen to it.

We expect a timely response to this letter.


The People of Salt Lake City

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