On May 23rd, 2020, Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal was shot a minimum of twenty times in the back by SLCPD.  His last words, as heard on the body cam footage released by SLCPD were: “Officer, I don’t want to die!” Despite the sergeant on the site of the crime yelling “Tase him!” three times before initial shots were fired, three of his subordinates fired a MINIMUM of two magazines into Bernardo as he tried to run for his life. 

Less than a second after Bernardo yelled his final, desperate plea, officers shot him over twenty times. From the evidence presented at this time, we know the first shots were fired into his back as he fled.  After he fell to the ground, while he was sprawled out, not moving and bleeding, officers shot him many more times. After taking a break to reload, although he was no longer moving, these final bullets entered his still body and hit his left arm, chest, torso and abdomen.

Not only was Bernardo shot an excessive amount of times, but due to new body cam footage being leaked, the public now knows that his fingers were shot post-mortem.  In the final seconds of a full length body cam video, wherein the officer stopped performing CPR and pronounced that Bernardo’s heart was no longer beating, it is extremely clear that all of Bernardo’s fingers were intact.  But when his family received the embalming report, it was reported that all ten of his fingers were shot; that some were partially disconnected and hanging off while some segments were missing completely.  This was evident when his family saw his body at the viewing.  The mortician said that he had to put white gloves on Bernardo’s hands because there was too much damage to them to display it to the family.  When Bernardo’s loved ones tried to hold his hands to say their final goodbyes, there was nothing but an empty glove where several of his fingers should have been.

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Rose Park Brown Berets & Justice For Bernardo


Rose Park Brown Berets / Justice For Bernardo

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